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Gulmohar Grand Banquet Hall
Best Banquet Hall in Jorhat
An excellent choice for entertaining your guests for all your events. We have various spaces that are ideal for all your functions. Our friendly staff extend their hospitality towards your guests and ensure their comfort at all times.

No wonder, while considering a space in Jorhat for your celebrations, social gathering and also for business meetings and conferences; our Banquet in Jorhat is regarded as a superb venue. Our sole motive is to meet your requirements and give you a successfully arranged event. We change your corporate events into pleasurable experiences and festive occasions into gala time that you would never want to be concluded.

Due to its central location in Jorhat, Gulmohar Grand Banquet Hall is an ideal place to host various events. The hotel offers state-of-the-art conferencing and banqueting facilities to host functions and events of all types in style. The Banquet Hall can accommodate approx 80 guests.
One of the most special moments for any person is their wedding day. We know how much pressure and stress this may bring for some couples and their parents. Therefore, we have come up with the best solutions & perfected our system in order to make this day enjoyable.
Family Parties
Family celebrations are a fun. Whether you are celebrating your child's first birthday or your parent's 25th wedding aniversary, we know exactly how to plan such events. Your guests will feel special with the warm treatment of our servers and the many food options available.
Corporate Events
Corporate events are a time to bring people together. Whether it’s for networking or building up the staff’s spirit, there is no better way to meet people than over some food and drinks. Contact us to host any event like Annual General Meeting, Award Ceremony etc for your company.
Business Conference
Need space for a business conference? Gulmohar Grand Conference Hall is an ideal place to host an annual, biannual or monthly business meetings without any hassles. We believe that a good corporate ambiance can always create a fruitful impact. Feel free to get in touch.

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Menu Styles

Family Style Catering

At Gulmohar Grand Banquet, we bring you the timeless charm of Family Style Catering, designed with you in mind. Here’s why you’ll love it:

Warm Togetherness:

Share unforgettable moments with loved ones as you pass around delectable dishes, fostering connections and conversations.

Culinary Variety:

Indulge in a diverse range of mouthwatering cuisines, catering to all tastes and dietary preferences.

Elegant Presentation:

Our beautifully arranged platters and serving bowls create a stunning visual feast that complements the ambiance of your event.

Personalized Menus:

Tailor your menu to fit the theme or preferences of your event, guaranteeing a memorable meal for all.

Auditorium Style
We offer the sophistication and efficiency of Auditorium Style Seating, designed to enhance your event experience. Here’s why you’ll appreciate it:

Optimal Visibility:

Every seat in our auditorium-style setup is carefully positioned for maximum visibility, ensuring that your audience can engage fully with your content.

Seamless Technology Integration:

Our venue is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and acoustics, ensuring your message or performance is crystal clear.

Expert Event Management:

Our experienced team is on hand to assist with technical setup, seating arrangements, and event coordination, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Buffet Service

Indulge in the culinary freedom of our Buffet Service at Gulmohar Grand Banquet Hall. Explore a diverse selection of dishes tailored to your preferences and dietary needs, all while enjoying the flexibility to eat at your own pace. Our elegant buffet setup fosters social interaction and provides a visually appealing dining experience, making it perfect for any event. Whether it’s a formal gathering or a casual affair, our Buffet Service ensures that every guest leaves satisfied and impressed. Join us and savor the delicious freedom of choice.
Table Service
Elevate your dining experience with our Table Service. Our attentive and professional staff will cater to your every need, ensuring a seamless and personalized meal. Enjoy the convenience of having your dishes expertly served directly to your table, allowing you to focus on your guests and the occasion. Whether it’s a formal gala or an intimate gathering, our Table Service adds an air of sophistication and efficiency to your event. Let us take care of the details, while you and your guests savor every moment of your special occasion. Choose Table Service and relish a dining experience that’s all about luxury and convenience.

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So, what you are waiting for. Plan a visit to Gulmohar Grand. We are here to welcome you.
Mitali BoraMitali Bora
07:09 27 Sep 23
This hall is very clean and good service
Rituparna BaruahRituparna Baruah
08:40 26 Sep 23
Very nice atmosphere, spacious and good food.
Pronab PuzariPronab Puzari
04:48 25 Sep 23
04:43 25 Sep 23
This place is very suitable for almost many people to hold any event together.Spacious space.